“Off The Record” on AR & VR at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017

I’m excited to join a strong panel of AR & VR experts to discuss the real opportunities and challenges that we are facing as these new media formats develop on Monday Sept 18 at TechCrunch Disrupt. TechCrunch Disrupt “Off The Record” is a new breakout session designed to give attendees a more intimate ability to get deep in particular focus areas with people deep in building, investing and creating some of the newest and most nascent industries. Our AR & VR “Off The Record” panel features:

  • Maureen Fan, CEO & Co-Founder at Baobab Studios
  • Tom Emrich, Partner at Super Ventures
  • Peter Rojas, Partner at betaworks ventures
  • Jacob Mullins, Shasta Ventures

I hope we can get into some nitty gritty topics; some of the points I would like to discuss are:

  1. Technical benefits and challenges with ARKit, ARCore, WebAR/VR, other. And are there better use cases for each platform?
  2. As a developer, where should I focus my development efforts, ARKit, ARCore or WebAR/VR, other?
  3. What is the “fast track” to monetization in AR?
  4. What are the top learnings for monetization of content and games from VR? Can we carry any of these learnings to AR?
  5. In what categories of AR/VR are Angel, Seed, Venture investors looking to invest, and how actively?
  6. What are the strategically important imperatives for the platform players: Apple, Google, Facebook, Snap, Microsoft, Amazon?
  7. What else would you like to cover? Tweet me at @jacob.

The “Off The Record” session won’t be livestreamed, it’s meant to be well, off the record, so join us live at Disrupt on Monday Sept 18 at 4:15p.

Also, check out my Partner Rob Coneybeer’s “Off The Record” session covering “Drones, Robotics & Mobility,” on Tuesday at 11:15a.

And to continue the conversation, join us at an upcoming AR Kitchen or VR Tuesday by joining our meet up groups. Or Tweet me at @jacob.

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