The Great Camera Awakening — the incredible opportunities emerging in Computer Vision, at the intersection of the Camera + AI

“There are fundamental changes that will happen now that computer vision really works — now that computers have opened their eyes.” — Jeff Dean, Head of Google Brain

Object recognition
Volumetric depth capture of the Shasta SF office (from Sketchfab)
Facebook Camera Effects — AR Studio

Welcome to The Great Camera Awakening — the consumerization of advanced computer vision: the creation of platforms, software and services where the Camera comes to the forefront of user experience, and creates a bridge for the digital and physical world to co-exist.

This “Great Camera Awakening” creates vast opportunities for entrepreneurs and developers to build computer vision applications that span from autonomous vehicles and consumer robotics to AR face filters, in industries as broad as manufacturing and agriculture to medicine, and on devices as simple as mobile phones or as advanced as the fully featured Augmented Reality headsets of the future. The time is now! Welcome to the #camerafirst future.



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Jacob Mullins

Jacob Mullins

Partner at Shasta Ventures investing in Smart Software: Applied AI, Computer Vision, Blockchain, and Financial Services.