Environmental degradation, climate change, and overpopulation warn us that our future is in danger. Does human ingenuity offer a solution?

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Photo Credit: Saad Chaudhry

The Neolithic Revolution profoundly reshaped the future of Homo sapiens. Humans transitioned out of a dynamic hunter-gatherer lifestyle and began to put down roots. This birth of agriculture changed the course of society; reliability in both food and livelihood spurred exponential growth that carried the population to an astounding 7.71 billion in 2019. The global population is expected to approach 10 billion people by 2050 (Mann, 2018).

We are then faced with crucial questions: Can planet Earth sustain such a large population? Can we innovate and more effectively use our collective resources in order to sustain such a large population?

In the past, it has been logical to grow food in one place, then transport it to cities. …

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