How will the pandemic change society as we know it?

The COVID-19 pandemic feels like a social reset button. Other than a nuclear war, I can’t imagine anything else that could shut down the world so dramatically. Other than an alien invasion, I can’t imagine anything else that could unite people so unequivocally.

So what will it mean for society?

In the short-term, we are already seeing significant changes in the way we live. Whether those continue post-crisis is a wholly different matter. Which changes will last? Which won’t? And which haven’t started yet, but have had their seeds sown?

I think the coronavirus crisis has the potential to be a major catalyst for change — and…

The Perspective of an International Platform

On 6th February 2020, I had the pleasure of presenting at the Global Sharing Economy Summit on the subject of trust. Below are my slides and commentary.

The way we do business has changed. Thanks to new technologies and the sharing economy, we trust total strangers to drive us across cities, host us in their homes and (in the case of my company, Stasher) safeguard our belongings. Trust is what makes services like these possible, but it also one of the biggest concerns new customers have about using them.

When we founded Stasher back in 2015, a platform where people…

A Brexit short story

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t think we should have come here in the first place,” said Uncle Nigel, a sour look on his face.

We were sitting in a private room of the Europa restaurant. From the outside, it was a flashy modern establishment, boasting up to 27 different cuisines. The interior was extravagant — the private room was carpeted a royal blue, the furniture was polished oak and a decadent gold chandelier hung above the table.

“I hate to agree with you, Nigel,” said Mr Mogg, “but you have…

Lessons from Pitch@Palace

In my previous article, I describe how we won Pitch@Palace 2018. I talk about what Pitch@Palace is, how to apply and what our journey was like.

Pitch@Palace is a rigorous format: you have 3 minutes to pitch your business idea to a star-studded audience. The pressure is intense and it’s tough to shine in that environment. Distilling everything you’ve worked on into a 3 minute pitch is hard. Giving people a reason to care and an incentive to act based on what they’ve heard in those 3 minutes is harder still.

But it’s an important point. A pitch isn’t just…

Why you should apply and how to prepare for the UK’s biggest startup competition

“Ladies and gentlemen,” said the Duke of York, “the voting has closed and I am about to announce the winners of Pitch@Palace 10.0.”

The room fell quiet – quieter, probably, than at any other point that evening. Startup founders and audience alike sat still, waiting to hear who would be crowned champions of the final pitch. 42 businesses had made it here, to Buckingham Palace, to present to a curated audience of investors, industry leaders and friends of the royal family.

The blue lights focused on the stage.

“And the winners are…” announced the Duke in a carrying voice, “Stasher…

A short history of the 2018 World Cup so far…

What a cup it has been. A month ago, if someone had said England would have made it to the World Cup semi-finals tonight in Moscow, I would not have believed them. So much so, that I decided to collect my notes on the tournament so far to create a record of how I felt about England’s chances at each stage of the tournament. How have our chances evolved? And before we play Croatia tonight, how likely are we now to win the World Cup?

This was the year expectation…

Why I Left the Bank of England Grad Scheme to Run a Startup

Exit interviews are strange experiences.

“So, what’s your reason for leaving the Bank?” my interviewer asked.

“My startup just raised investment, so I’m going to run it full time. You might see me again in a year if it fails,” I replied, cracking a smile to brighten the mood.

His pen hovered over the form and he looked at me, as if suddenly paying attention.

“Wait — really?”

I nodded earnestly.

“What does your startup do?” He surveyed me with what appeared to be genuine curiosity.

“We store bags for people,” I explained. “It’s like Airbnb for luggage. We run…

Featuring a letter from an old couple that will make you melt

The Letter. Skip to the bottom to see it in context.

The other day, we received a large delivery. We were trying to figure out what to do with it as the delivery man wheeled the shrink-wrapped block of boxes into the office. We decided to use the shared storeroom for the time being, and I went to open the door to it.

The delivery-man looked at the doorway, looked at us and looked at the block of boxes. He looked at the doorway again.

“It ain’t fitting through there lads,” he said, with a tone and an expression that clearly said, “My job here is done.”

“If we tip it…

Amsterdam — one of Europe’s most vibrant, cultural capitals. Famous for its beautiful canals, museums and its progressive policies towards cycling... If you want to enjoy the city without carrying your bags around, we have the solution.

We are very excited to have launched our first StashPoint beyond the UK. We have partnered with Lock Amsterdam, to bring Amsterdam luggage storage to our international audience.

When two space businesses collide

SpaceX today announced an exciting new partnership with a little-known London startup — CityStasher. Dubbed “the sexiest left luggage business to emerge in the last century”, CityStasher helps people find places to drop their bags all across cities, by connecting them with shops and hotels that have extra space.

“We’ve been planning to go international since we started,” said co-founder Anthony Collias, 22. The startup launched in London in 2015 and has since expanded across the UK. “Going inter-planetary was the obvious next step. …

Jacob Wedderburn-Day

Founder of, entrepreneur and avid football fan. Read about our startup journey…

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