Coca Cola’s Freestyle Touchscreen Fountain Machine Hurts My Head

My rant against a poorly designed UI for sweetened beverages. Fixed in 5 Steps!

Maybe they need 7 machines because of the extra time it takes to use them?

Remember when you could just serve your own drink in less than half a second? Grab a cup with ice and push it under the drink that you wanted and poof… there it was instantly?

I mean, it was cool to see a glowing machine with a touchscreen that dispenses some of my favorite sugary and fake sugary beverages for the first time. I mean wow! The idea that I could get virtually any soda from one machine seemed really cool. That was until I actually used it.

your machine is on, right?
Can we just skip step 1?

As much as I love touching my phone’s screen to check my twitter account (which btw is @thatjacobaaron ),

I also love touching a device that hundreds of people have already put their filthy hands on as few times as possible.

The screen is never this clean!

So, it starts with an overly complicated menu that is broken down into categories.

  1. This category menu should obviously be removed, or small and on the bottom.

The answer is simple.

2. Just put the nine or ten most popular drinks on the screen, the first screen. The only freaking screen that we ever might need to get a drink in our cup.

Unless we wanted to voluntarily push one of the menu buttons that increases our time at the machine.

3. Now, we can select a beverage. Once we do, we shouldn’t have to wait for a new menu to pop up. It should indicate our selection by, I dunno, a circle.

And then give us the option to modify it underneath where the menu of time suck-age once was.

4. Also, when I walk up to the machine, I should see Coke already highlighted (circled). This way the only filthy button that I have to press to get a beverage is the “Push” button. Which, is oddly located not in the UI.

5. I dream of a future that has a Coke Freestyle machine with some sort of motion sensor, or communication with my phone, that can predict when I’m ready for my beverage to dispense. This way I could receive a tasty beverage without touching anyone else’s greasy finger smudges before I eat.

P.S. Wash your hands