Advantages and Disadvantages of Viscose/Rayon

  • inexpensive
  • known for its silk-like feel
  • drapes beautifully
  • breathable, similar to cotton in this regard
  • ideal for those seeking a luxurious look and feel at a more economical price point
  • blends well with other fibers, particularly woven ones
  • dyes easily and produces beautiful, vivid colors
  • almost always needs to be dry cleaned
  • manufacturing process is extremely polluting and harmful to the environment, classifying it as an unsustainable fabric despite being made of natural materials (wood)
  • prone to stretching and bagging and often doesn’t recover
  • fabric is weak, and even weaker when wet
  • not recommended for use in home furnishings (due to stretch factor listed above)
  • absorbs moisture, body oils, and water, which may result in spots
  • spot treating can lead to permanent marking



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