FAQ: Crypto Hobos Pets Partners

Update: If you have problems with mint

Hello! We have updates about mint troubles. Do you have coinbase wallet on your Mac? If that, since chrome 96 it will buggy when installed metamask and coinbase extensions in the same browser profile.

Anyway, let’s try to create a fresh Chrome profile, install only Metamask with your seed/hardware and try again, please. If it will not work, let us know and we’ll try to find another solution.

What is Crypto Hobos Pets Partners?

Crypto Hobos Pet Partners is a special collection in the Crypto Hobo Universe. Despite the typical companion collection, Pets are made with the same high-end craftsmanship as the main one.

Each trait for Pets was drawn by our Artist Valiahmed on paper with pencils, oil, and watercolors and then scanned before being destroyed, just as it was with Hobos.

Each Pet will have a unique name made from 4 parts — the name of the Pet is not associated with the name of Hobo used for claiming, nor are the aspects of the pet.

Who can mint pets?

There will be a Holder mint and a separate Public mint.

If you hold a Crypto Hobo you get the privilege of minting your Pet for free. 1 Hobo gives you the right to mint 1 Pet for free. 5 Hobo will allow you to mint 5 pets for free, and so on.

If you don’t have a Hobo, you can buy a Pet and enjoy this wonderful art anyway.

After you will come to the mint website you can use the switcher button to choose Holder or Public mint.

When will the mint start and how long it will be?

The mint date is December 3rd, and the time is 18:00 UTC.

Public and Holder mints start at the same time and will be open for two weeks.

How many pets can I mint at one time?

You can mint up to 20 Pets in one transaction.

What about the supply?

Supply for holder mint is 8000 Pets, supply for public mint is 4000 Pets.

How much does it cost?

The price for Public mint is 0.035 ETH + gas fee.

The price for Holder mint is free (gas fee only).

What about a snapshot?

There is no snapshot. You can buy a Hobo at any time during the mint period and claim a Pet. Before buying a Hobo you can check on the mint website by his ID if he is eligible for claiming Pet. But hobo holders can only claim a pet for one hobo once. If someone else claimed a pet and then you bought that hobo, you can’t get a free pet for that hobo. Check the hobo’s ID before buying.

What about reveal?

Reveal is not instant. Art will be revealed after the mint is closed.

What about wallets?

We support most wallets that support NFT purchases.

These include MetaMask, Coinbase, and Ledger, and many others.

We recommend you use the Google Chrome browser on your desktop or laptop with the metamask extension, as it is the most convenient and tested bundle. Even if you use Ledger hardware wallet, it’s the best combination of usability and security. You can learn more about setting up metamask to work with hardware wallets at this link.

Trezor wallets have been known to have problems with NFT purchases because the manufacturer has not updated the firmware. If you are experiencing problems with this, try updating your device. If it still doesn’t work, you should probably use another hardware wallet (we recommend Ledger), on which you can restore the seed phrase. You can also recover the seed phrase in any software wallet, but we can’t recommend this because there are risks related to the software and its insufficient protection.

How can I claim a pet for my hobo?

  1. You have to wait for the start of sales, follow the link, connect your wallet and use the claim interface:

How can I make public mint pets if I have no hobo (or want to own more)?

  1. After the sales begin, follow the link, connect your wallet and use mint interface:

Do you still have questions or something does not work?

Feel free to email us at cryptohobos@gmail.com and we will help you shortly.

When you form your request, please write in as much detail as possible:

  1. What do you want to receive?
  2. What were you trying to do?
  3. What hardware and OS version are you using (MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android)?
  4. What wallet are you using (Metamask, Coinbase, Trust, Ledger, Trezor, Ledger/Trezor+Metamask, etc)?
  5. From which address did you try to make the transaction (0x…)?
  6. The ID or number of pets you tried to mint.

These data will help us understand what’s going on and we’ll help you.




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