Indian Street Café Is One of the Most Popular Indian Restaurants in California

Food in Indian culture has always played a significant role. The traditional food of India is known worldwide for its fabulous use of natural herbs and spices. Indian Street Café brings the taste of authentic Indian street food to Sunnyvale, California through their impressive menu. It was started by two IT engineers who missed quality Indian food made with healthy fresh ingredients, less oil, butter, and no heavy creams. So they decided to create a café that offered authentic Indian street food for people who love Indian flavors. The restaurant has been designed to reflect the true culture and tastes of Indian food. Most of the dishes they serve are made on order. All their Indian breads are made from scratch daily, in house, including their very popular hand tossed rumali rotis & coffee, teas, lassis, fruit drinks are made fresh right then and there and not made/stored for days and then handed out like you would find at other restaurants in the area.

Indian Street Café features some of the delicious foods of India that are spicy, sweet, crunchy, and flavorful. They offer:

- Traditions (Uttapam, Dosa, and Idli)
- Snacks (Dabeli, Chapati Pizza, and Pav Bhazi)
- Creations (Wraps, Kotu Paratha, and Street Café Chicken)
- Curries (Tomato Curry, Chana Masala, and Country Masala)
- Breads and Rice (Malabar Paratha, Stuffed Paratha, Pathiri)
- Yogurt & Lassi (Lassi and Yogurt Bowls),
- Cold Drinks (Ginger Ale, Lemonade),
- Chai & Hot Drinks (Chai, Coffee & more),
- Kids Menu (Chapati Pizza, Idli, Dosa and more)
- Authentic Indian Desserts (Fresh and Delicious desserts).

Many of the dishes they serve are subtly adapted to incorporate regional flavors. What remains the same is that they are all prepared using fresh, natural spices, and vegetables. Amazing food quality, a great environment, and the friendly staff are some of the main reasons why the restaurant is so popular.

The food served at Indian Street Café is made-to-order and is totally different from what is served at any other traditional Indian restaurant. They prepare food which defines the true culture of India. Their philosophy is to eat healthy, feel healthy, and live healthy. They offer delivery through third parties such as Caviar and Doordash. They also accept reservations of five or more. Browse through their website to check out their menu. For more details, you can call them at 669–246–5034.