Look into these and you will see it’s sadly not trolling (there’s something for each thing she…

I’m not going to look all those things up because I don’t want to spend my time doing that. I know there are people out there who call themselves trans and push all kinds of extreme agendas. But I also know there are a lot of cis people who don’t have dysphoria who call themselves trans for some reason, and a host of people who don’t believe in gender but do believe there can be such a thing as a female penis. Those are the crazy people I refer to in my comment, and some of the trolls, because when they develop a new interest other than gender theory they’ll stop believing in female penises and start lobbying for other causes.

The two issues you mentioned involving Planned Parenthood actually have to do with trying to be inclusive to trans men, not trans women. So unless you know something about the original author that I don’t, I’m going to assume those are not things she takes issue with. Or does she want trans men to be considered women against their will? If so I believe that would (in addition to the other things) make her a TERF.

As a trans man, I understand dysphoria, but I think we need to be grownups and call a vagina a vagina, not a “front hole” particularly in a medical setting. But, on the other hand, if making those kinds of alterations to language makes people more likely to get the medical care they need, then maybe it’s worth it. That’s all Planned Parenthood is doing by using that language, not trying to take womanhood, or vaginas, away from cis women.

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