Dreams are Themes, and the Pursuits are the Fruits. of your labor

when you spend time thinking about new ideas how to create somthing new in order to make a impact in the new marketplace, or You keep Dreaming day and night how i could come up with a new product that will invent the weel revolutionizing and transforming the face of earth into a new era perspective, You should always keep this in front of mind That “all your Dreams are just Themes, And Your Pursuits are the Fruits. of your Labor”. Your dreams and Your thoughts are Very inspirational, they are simply just a theme of Creative toughts, But unless You won’t take on the next step in pursuing that dream, You won’t. achieve anything instead Your Sweet Dreams will remain in Your mindset for the rest of Your life Causing You Bitterness and madness you will take along with you till the Graveyard.

Your priority is to Pursue Your Dream, “When You will get Done with Your pursuits You will Then Be harvesting the Fruits, of your labor” and I close the segment Quote. “You should try doing everything possible to succeed” . “You should always Think what you Do! and what to Do!” . and “You shouldn’t always Do what You think!”.