Beyond Blogs, Beyond Consultations — Why to do Book Reviews, and Question Social Norms.

Photo by, Jacob D. Haslem — Berkeley California, July 2016

Most how to’s and self help posts and blogs are just repurposed information from already published books or thinkers from back in the day. — It is a mistake to think that people of today are more enlightened or smarter then people from our past. (we just have different stuff, but not bigger or smart brains…. I might even argue all processed foods and the fluoride in the water has started to make us less intelligent and stumped most peoples ability to be creative and imagine how they can help build a better future. Instead they just see fear and spend their time try to fight off the current threats that might stir up change in your life.

If you look at the state of things and the people with the most power, who you would assume are also the most intelligent, they are currently destroying the world and tearing apart communities. Not people I normally would choose to follow or ask to have as a leader. — but in their defense they are only doing their job. (which means they are actors and speech givers-the decision that are made all around them are decision for their shoulders to bear social responsible for but not a decision they would personally choose to make if it was one of their own kids flying across the planet to kill the enemy. They are only a filter between society and those who are actually playing the game at the world table. — Main players don’t consider each other enemies, because it would put their own personal safety at risk… that’s what the political filters are for.

I do book reviews so I can transparently share the content straight from the source book I learned it from, by taking pictures of what I highlight and find most useful I make a point to share that image alongside my writing so I share insight from the original thinker without adding my ego into the mix. This way I can expand on the conversation so it can be applied to the needs of today, but under no circumstance is the origin of the thinking to be left out and not considered because the source of the wisdom comes for real life experiences, which is a much different thing then intellectual knowledge.

Taking into consideration the source of the wisdom/information is very important. Because it is to easy to manipulate and lie to people today. Just look at the Opioid epidemic. In the southern states of America. — people want the easy answer, and they want it for cheap. Not seeking information about how things work or the source of truth behind that information is like… taking a pill your doctor says will help you but instead slowly numbs you and slowly destroys your life over time. What’s sold on TV and what is experience by the patient are two very different realities and this conundrum is a serious social issue.

It’s important to know the source of truth, and not just take the doctors’ or whoever is talking’s, at their word. Think about it… you don’t even know if the book the doctor got there information from is the right information for solving your personal and unique need. They are just taking what comes to mind from their main steam training and applying whatever’s at their disposal to your personal case, even tho it’s not a actual solution, as long as you sign on the line and lay in the bed, they can collect insurance money off you. Which is a way of saying, they are just doing their best, and just like you have a family to feed and can’t do the work for free. — So it doesn’t matter if the treatment is wrong, it only matter that you follow procedure so you don’t get in trouble. It’s important to help people but more important to protect ourselves. This mentality is based on fear and self defense. Not a mentality for healing.

Mass amounts of information is available at your finger tips today… like never before. Almost to the such an extreme degree that there is conflict over sharing information openly like we do, because it helping to tear down the lies of so many powerful institutions all around us… and yes these mass reveals are also a part of the overall conflict. People don’t like change and protecting what you’ve spend a life time building may just become someone’s last stand before they die. Why should they care what the world will look like in 10 years… they don’t plan on being here anyways.

Less than 100 years ago we all lived in a world NOT muddied with mass propaganda and marketing, or with at least a bit less. Religion has had its hand in manipulating people and taking peoples money for it’s own selfish needs… all under the stance for providing a social good. Today informed human minds are much more clear and less worried about what everyone else was thinking about them and have realized their is on omnipotent presence judging them from above or below. If you’re always worried about if you’re sinning or what others think about you, there is no way you can think or see clearly about your own life, and because of this, there is no way you can see opportunity in your unique life and make new things happen for yourself.

Always thinking you’re not enough or suffering from the feeling of needing to buy something so you can fit in, just fuels consumerism and following these egocentric impulses that only exist from the marketing and propaganda that is paid for and cleverly display all around us… eventually taking our lives down a black whole toward having way to much stuff, that you don’t need, or ever have the time to use.

It’s more fulfilling in life to give and share than to have one of your very own. You can’t appreciate something that holds no story for you personally. That’s why a gift made by a friend always sticks around longer then the expresso machine you never read the manual for.-it’s just so much easier to meet up with your friend, wait in line and order an expresso like everyone else.

Questioning social norms?

The books I review have brought me peace, and helped by move away from consumerism and the black whole of feeling inadequate. A feeling I believe exist because accepted social norms that obviously destroy other peoples lives shouldn’t be considered normal.

Sharing with the world the mental shift that has taken place inside of me because of the experiences I’ve had would be incomplete without the source of truth attached and included.

Information, mentors, books these things are most important in life next to happiness and our basic needs. Digest this information has given me an outstanding perspective on expansiveness of existence and keeps me balanced day after day.

I do book reviews to show that, what I write is inspired by others and that I myself not the source of truth, but that the source of truth is beyond me and come from everywhere.

Each thing is just a micro part of the essence of all things, like a letter becomes a word, and the words sentences, and the sentences the book. But we can’t forget the simplicity of the ink that allows the book to be printed on the pages… or the time the tree took to produce the wood for the pages.

No matter how small, no thing or step in the process of creation is to insignificant a thing that it should not be respected as essential and part of the whole.

We are all sharing this world and the way people think is the true essence of their action and behaviors.

Social norms that need to change are what we ignore and consider OK even tho it’s obviously NOT ok for the planet, and a serious problem overall. Like… cutting down trees, or even driving a car (you’re poisoning yourself and everyone around you every time you do - fact) but everyone doing it so it must be ok.

HoW am I SuPppOse to GeT to WORk?

Sorry for pressuring you to be a good person (I also have a vehicle that I drive around) and care about the human race but we don’t change a thing like this over night, you can still drive to work, feeding your family is important. But we can just get started by becoming aware. That’s want all this internet information sharing is all about, helping people find truth and empowering others to solve the problems they see.

Book Reviews and Social Norms! — People see the problem, and solution are being built all around us. but the conversation goes beyond money and your obsessive need to only think about looking good around others.

The conversation is about establishing values as a world community. For the first time in human history we can communicate world wide in an instant. But that will all be pointless if our communication world wide is doing more harm then good. Because by the looks of things the human race can’t even expand it’s mind beyond the TV remote control or the news on their laptop computer and take the time to care about the most important thing of all.

The optimal health of our own human bodies, our local communities, our homes in communities, and what makes our homes possible, natural materials produced by the plant, our spaceship, the EARTH. (earth means soil/dirt, by the way)


Jacob D. Haslem

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