Cam Left Laughing Alone

Cam Newton’s post game interview caused backlash at the former MVP for his comments towards a women reporter. The female reporter asked Newton about his top receiver Devin Funchess production in receptions. She talked about Funchess physical route running, and how he was able to open holes in the secondary for Newton to fit passes down the field in their win against the New England Patriots. Instead of answering the question asked by the reporter Cam Newton laughed and commented,”It’s funny to hear females talk about routes…”

The internet irrupted after the story hit Twitter and other platforms. Many women felt disrespected by the act and felt that it was a sexist comment. This is not the first time a female reporter has been belittled by men when it comes to sports. Jourdan Rodrigue was the female reporter who asked a former MVP the question.

Rodrigue is a NFL beat writer who has been following the panthers this season. She took to Twitter to show what she thought of Mr.Newtons sexist remark to her question. After the interview Rodrigue went to follow up with Newton and it did not go any better. She mention on Twitter again on how he did not even apologize for his comments before.

Cam Newton ended up apologizing to the reporter via Twitter in a video after Wednesdays practice.

During the video Newton claimed, “it was not my intent to degrade or to disrespect any women.” Jourdan Rodrigue the said she forgave Newton for his comments. Cam Newton learned a lesson and paid for it when he lost sponsorships over the comments made. The Panthers play the Philadelphia Eagles this Thursday on CBS.