Great work Jacob.
Mark Metry

Thanks for checking my work out Mark.

The program has been a great introduction to Unity through VR and I’m looking forward to growing as a Unity developer (I got some courses on Udemy for C# in Unity, as well as working with Blender). However, I jumped the gun starting when the Udacity course just came out, as the content wasn’t all complete. So we’ve had to wait a bit for everything. But it’s been ok as I work full time.

I’m interested in doing another Nanodegree with Udacity, but what I’m planning on doing is utilizing the free videos/projects and working through those before paying the Nanodegree monthly fee, as that will cut down the total time you have to pay for the course significantly.

Love VU Dream’s mission by the way! I’ll be sure to reach out through Twitter, etc.

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