Why Lesser Evilism is Invalid in 2016

Why Arguments Spun in This Election Ignore Political Realities

To the many Democrats, and avid Hillary supporters who are trying to pressure Bernie Sanders’ supporters and Independents into voting for Hillary as the “lesser of two evils”, I respond thusly:

You’re voting for Hillary because you’re concerned about what Trump will do as President? You’re concerned he’ll deport Muslims, but you want to vote for a woman who consistently drops bombs on Muslims? You’re worried he’ll go after women and gays, but you’ll vote for a woman who viciously attacked a teenage rape victim to get her adult rapist off, silenced her husband’s rape victims, and even stayed silent when her supporters posted child pornography on her oppositions web pages to get them taken down? A woman who readily accepted “donations” from foreign governments who regularly abuse women and execute gays, and then subsequently oversaw arms deals to said nations? You’re afraid of Trump with nuclear weapons, when he has adamantly spoken out against our disastrous foreign wars as of late, but you’ll vote for someone who has voted for every war since she got into office, and further designed the destabilization of nations making them vulnerable to ISIS incursions? You’re worred about Trump deporting immigrants, but you’ll get behind someone who supported harsher immigration laws, and will defend her position on deporting at risk children back to war-torn countries “just to send a political message”? You’re worried about Trump ruining the economy, but want to vote for someone who’s gotten behind every trade deal that sends jobs overseas and allows corporations to avoid paying taxes (NAFTA, TPP, PANAMA, COLUMBIA)? You’re worried about Trump supporting policy brutality, but want to get behind someone who has supported 3x and you’re out laws, and for profit prisons (and who takes contributions from such entities). Face it, they really are two sides of the same coin. If you don’t vote third party, you are just as culpable as the Trump supporters you are so vehemently against.

Don’t force me to swallow the ideology of “lesser evilism”, because I do not want to be a part of seeing it being perpetually on the menu. People fought and died for my right to vote, and I will not give it away to someone wholly unworthy and unrepresentative of who I am, and how I want to see this country lead. Consider if more people rose to the challenge of holding steadfast to their values, then we wouldn’t have gotten ourselves into this mess of having a moron who wants to build a wall, and a warmonger who wants to set us on a collision course with IRAN & Russia to choose from in the first place. Follow your heart. Imagine all of those people who “liked Bernie” but voted for Hillary because they didn’t think he was viable. We need to break free from the control the oligarchy has, it is imperative.