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Rule #1 of CPM: Teamwork

Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know about CPM Homework Help

Jacob Hallman
Feb 3, 2019 · 3 min read

CPM homework help operates on a basic premise. When students enjoy the subject, they like to be hands on. If you have children, you know that they rarely ask you to do anything for them unless chores are involved. They are curious and want to explore. They want to touch things from the texture of the baked beans on the canned food aisle to feeling that perfectly square box of granola bars they discretely drop in your shopping cart.

The point is to touch and engage. This is interactive learning and CPM homework help gives just that to help students getting ready for college.

More and more, society is getting away from the traditional classroom to offer e-learning solutions based on CPM learning. Here are the basic principles defining CPM learning:

CPM Defined

Learning can no longer be passive. You cannot just sit there and get the answer to the question without providing some input. You can speak with a tutor who will work alongside you to assist. You can meet with a teacher after class to get help.

However, CPM homework help is not confrontational or intimidating for the student. They can present their question in a safe space with the full confidence of knowing their concern will be considered and responded to. Trust figures highly in CPM learning.

Finally, CPM homework help gives students the opportunity to participate in the outcome by giving the answer and then writing out a response that shows they understand the underlying logic. Sure, math teachers around the world require students to show their work. CPM homework help lets students express their learning in their own words.

Why CPM Homework Help Matters

According to NBC News, a Lafayette, Indiana, emergency responder received a 911 call from a student stuck on his fractions math homework on January 25, 2019. When children need a 911 call for homework assistance after “a really bad day,” the need for CPM homework help is greater than ever.

And US students do as much homework as anyone. Statista shows that homework ranks globally high among American high school students. They complete over 6 hours weekly, which is good for a top 5 global ranking just ahead of Australia and Canada. That requires a safe space for learning, not calling 911 when something goes wrong.

CPM homework help eliminates this conflict of piling on homework because the concepts taught each day do not get sent home the same day. Rather, the concepts are slowly implemented over time instead of competency-based benchmarks.

Best of all, CPM homework help takes the pressure off the teacher so that students can work together in group study sessions. If a tutor is needed, they can be brought in for assistance when necessary. The result is that homework help has lower stakes and students get to interact with their learning.

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Original content posted with permission by Kezia Anderson, edited by Jacob Hallman.

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