As I pick up the pieces of my life in Atlanta, I’m slowly appreciating the small things as I pack them into my luggage.

The early morning smell of coffee followed by the loud and anxious scratching of 12 paws from the three large whining dogs rushing to the door to use the bathroom.

Waking up well before the crows, triple checking the gear list and rushing out the door with out hiking boots and leashes. Singing and talking for the two hour drive into the forest of greenery. Lugging ourselves through the hills. …

When I asked her about what she thought intention meant she told me that she was kind of unsure. She took a moment to ponder on the word and said, well, I know what it means to have good intentions and bad intentions.

We thought of an example and she gave me one where she tried to do something for a friend that she thought would be good for her friend, but didn’t know the whole story and it ended up hurting her friend on the long run.

She was trying to help and had the right intention. Intention is…

Today I had the opportunity to go to lunch with a friend of my sisters and we asked each other really good questions. She asked about my travels, why I went on adventures and where my favorite place I’ve been to so far was; I asked her if she knew what intention meant to her, and what she thought it meant to live an intentional life.

To answer her question about my travels, my favorite place that I’ve visited to date has been Yosemite, which is almost funny because I didn’t know that it was a place that existed 3…

I have new goal, which is to write every day. I feel like my mind races with new ideas all the time and I never take the time to write them down. So here’s to having goals, and to writing down ideas.⁣

So here’s apart of the reason why. A few years ago I read a Medium article and it talked about how my generation, millennials, had a hard time finishing things. It said that we were all wrapped up in instant gratification, taking the easy routes, only reading headlines, and never following through. The article actually challenged any millennial who…

Victoria, Tori, sister, Torrence, tick tick, nunus and of course my favorite… brat.

Wow have I learned so much about you over the past few months, especially after our trip to Nicaragua together. Here’s a few things I’ve learned:

  • You’re not a morning person
  • 73% Cacoa chocolate is the perfect amount
  • And 13 hours of hiking is a little too much

And here’s a few other things

  • You’re very adaptable
  • Even if I make us miss our flight
  • Learn fast

Like learning to code, while taking Spanish classes and all while working behind the counter of a cafe you’ve never…

Andrew and Tylor originally met at UVA through their acapella group — The Virginia Gentlemen. When you keep a friendship and don’t see each other after a few years there’s only one solution for catching up: atlas-based, no-GPS road trip from Denver, Colorado to Hilton Head, SC for an acapella group reunion. After 2,200 miles, two campfires, and two couches, they made it. We had the chance to meet them as they passed through Atlanta for two days before the next leg of their trip — the Bonnaroo Music Festival. ⠀

Making new experiences with old friends is always a great excuse to get off the couch and travel!⠀


The most inspiring people I’ve encountered in my life are people that have experienced some kind of suffering that I couldn’t even begin to imagine and overcame it. It’s truly incredible how people find the the strength to take a stand when everything has fallen and the brain demands to give up. When they decide that they will not let their suffering define them and that they will become a better version of themselves because of these experiences, incredible feats are accomplished and a new person is born . These are the people I look up to the…

📍Princeton, NJ

“its hard to give an exact time frame hitchhiking,
i am so sorry thank you for your kindness”

This was the message I got a day after declining a request due to them no-showing. I hesitated with reporting them, because we’ve never actually had a no show before, and I really didn’t want other hosts to have to deal with something like this. For one, I realized that the request was never confirmed, and two, at Apple we learned about assuming positive intent. I decided to follow my gut and let it slide.

I followed up with asking him if he…

Jonathan & Q — Cleveland, Ohio

📍Cleveland, Ohio

“So why move?”
“Have you ever been to Cleveland?”

Quinton and Jonathan are brothers. They started their journey with the understanding that they couldn’t live to their fullest potential by staying in an environment that didn’t allow them to fully flourish. They grew up in Atlanta, but eventually had to move to Cleveland with their family. After grinding in the video and marketing industry in a city that isn’t creating content they took it upon themselves to create their own destiny.

Quinton initially messaged me and let me know why he was coming to Atlanta. Him…

Round 1: Hanging Leg Raise

4 Sets TF

Round 2: One-Arm High-Pulley Cable Side Bends

4 sets 10–12 Reps

Round 3: Decline Reverse Crunch

4 sets 10–12 Reps

Round 4: Exercise Ball Pull-in

4 sets TF


Jacob John Aguon

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