30 days of Instagram

Okay so I just finished my 30 day challenge of posting on Instagram every day for about 30 days. I may have missed day or two. It definitely helped that I just got back from a trip and ended up with over 1,000 photos available for my posts. So here are the things that I’ve learned.

I learned that timing does actually mean a lot when if you’re looking for likes and views. I started posting around the same time everyday at 4pm. I did a little research and found that 5pm would be a better time. I watched my likes go from 40 -50 to around 60–80. To me that’s a lot. I also noticed that posts on Wednesdays and Thursdays tend to get the most exposure, even if the picture was worse. Not sure what people are doing at 5pm on a Wednesday, but for some reason, they’re all on instagram.

From posting everyday and using proper hashtags I also watched my followers jump from 260 to 430. What I did was use a few hashtags from posts that I follow, entered them into the search field and found the related hashtags. What I looked for were tags that were not only posted to often, but also has a lot of posts, which typically means a large community.

With each post I tried to make sure that they were mindful posts, not just pictures. So in each post I added a caption that was relevant to the photo or to what was relevant to my life at the time. What was interesting was the feedback that I got. I had people telling that they loved reading my stories or that what I was writing was relatable. Engagement is something that I strive for everyday so to receive it unexpectedly was great!

I also found that I really enjoy story telling. This was something that I didn’t foresee, but it has easily become my favorite outcome of this challenge. It’s taught me something that I’m passionate about and may possibly lead to something larger.

From the 30 days of posts I’ve learned a few things. The power of social media. How everyone has their struggles or viewpoints and we’re not alone in thinking them. That perfect is the enemy of great, sometimes, even if it’s not the greatest, I just need to get it on paper and click enter. It may not be perfect, but it’s done and it’s out there.

I’ll try to continue to post as much as I can. I’ve been watching other Instagram profiles who are doing very similar things to what I’ve been trying to do. I’m learning more about how they post, or the photos they take and how they take them. This is all apart of a learning process, and so far I’ve learned a lot. I can’t wait to keep this going.