The 2019 SEC Fintech Conference

*The following thoughts are entirely my own, and this article has not been sponsored by any company or entity mentioned hereafter.

I’ve worked in a lot of different verticals.

Just this past year, in fact, I had the pleasure of joining forces with startups in the tech, healthcare, e-commerce, and insurance sectors.

As a self-employed marketer, having a diverse client base keeps me happy (and paid).

So when I had the pleasure of meeting the team at BitLeague, I’ll admit, I was excited for the usual reasons.

I thought:

Cryptocurrency would be an amazing vertical to help promote growth.


Traditional marketing is no longer effective.

If you’re a digital marketer in 2018, you probably know this already.

Heck- if you’ve had access to a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone at any point within the last 5 years, then you, too, probably know this.

I’d personally like to think that this is because people, as a whole, have gotten smarter over recent years- but I suppose that this shift in consumption could also be a product of the conflation of increased accessibility to information and the renewed D.I.Y. spirit that seems to have taken the world by storm within…

Jacob Pinkney

Full stack marketer for startups in LA, Atlanta, NYC, DC, China, and more.

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