The Sims Mobile Cheats and Tricks for Money

jacob cale
Apr 14, 2018 · 2 min read

he Sims Mobile is the new free game in the series for mobile with Android and iPhone( iOS ). The game combines the gameplay and visuals of The Sims 4 and The Sims FreePlay , bringing other real-time challenges and the ability to interact with friends online. But not all actions are available initially and you will need to advance level to enjoy the best of the game. So check out the tutorial at sims mobile money cheat prepared with simple tips to level up and earn XP faster.

How to download free The Sims and install on Android a complete guide : Sims mobile

Complete daily wishes

It may seem simple, but daily wishes are the best way to gain quick experience on The Sims Mobile. While normal activities yield one to two XP points, each daily wish has 35 reward points. Goals are not difficult to complete and are usually related to activities your Sim was already doing — deepening a friendship, reaching the top of the career, etc.

The Quick simcash and Lifepoints guide at : The Sims Mobile money guide

Complete the daily goals in The Sims Mobile (Photo: Reproduction / Tais Carvalho)

But if by chance the wish is more complicated to accomplish, you can simply remove it and wait for a new one. Daily wishes are updated every 2 hours. Another alternative are the life goals associated with your Sim. They appear as golden desires and in addition to experience they also offer cash and special options.

Work overtime

The Sims Mobile work does not have a fixed schedule, it’s you who do your work routine. So try to work some overtime when your energy is full to complete your career goals. In addition to quickly advancing to the maximum level, you will receive experience for each action on the desktop and a small bonus at the end of the event.

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