Angular 2 is ugly!
Matthias Orgler

I think a more accurate title might have been, “It’s possible to use Angular 2 in a way that I do not prefer.”


I personally prefer TypeScript. I admit that currently most of the Angular 2 examples are written in TypeScript, but nothing forces you to use it. You are still free to use ES6, ES5, CoffeeScript, or whatever else you normally use.

HTML Template Syntax

I personally prefer the new syntax. We typically read code more than write it, so the terser syntax seems cleaner and outweighs having to hit the shift key a couple times when typing. That being said, you are not forced to use this syntax. Instead of [someproperty], you can use bind-someproperty. Instead of (someevent), you can use on-someevent.


Similar to TypeScript. Most examples currently use them, but there is an equivalent ES5 and ES6 syntax that you can use if you prefer.


I personally enjoy using an IDE. While Angular 2 and TypeScript are designed to provide benefits to IDE’s, most of these changes were also made the provide major performance improvements. There is also nothing stopping you from continuing to use whatever editor you currently use.

To summarize, I feel that your gripes with Angular 2 are because most of the examples do not match your personal workflow. But they probably match lots of other people’s workflows perfectly. Angular 2 is flexible and can be configured to support either.

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