Everyone in their life will have some kind of contact with a nurse, but people don’t really know the kind of stress that goes on in their career. Sometimes nurses will hit a level of extreme stress and this is called burnout. Burnout is when someone feels depressed and as if they can not go on with their current position in life.

There are many stressors that can cause burnout in this line of work. But, the ones that cause the most stress are their co-workers and supplies. There have been some instances were nurse undergo emotional hazing and if not stopped it may lead to physical violence against these workers. Also, supplies can be very limited in hospitals, and this can lead to not being able to take care of patients to the best of their abilities.

Some hospitals have taken action to help nurses and other hospital staff cope with their stressor and also to try and prevent burnout. But some hospitals have not taken charge in doing this, so then it is left to the nurses to create a positive work environment. This would make it so workers trust each other, and also give them people to talk to when they are troubled.

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