88 Days Away: I Minored in What I Love

I’ve mentally checked out from my “career”…

The Office Cookie Monster that keeps me sane while waiting for adventure
This is a daily documentation of my adventure from Hillsboro, Oregon to Cape Town, South Africa on September 16th, 2017.

Day 13 came with a reminder as to why I’m leaving.

Don’t get me wrong — my boss is awesome. He is incredibly laid back, and he is always on the lookout for streamlining anything that is inefficient. But as a financial advisor's assistant, this becomes an issue.

For the past eight months, I have been moving client information from the other advisor in the office to my boss in preparation for the other’s retirement. It has been monotonous and boring. Now, I’m going through the long list of names a third time, this go-around centered on planning software we use to showcase scenarios to clients.

Well, boss-man is back. And with it is the newfound knowledge that this task can be automated when they’re all officially transferred over.

In short: I am being rendered obsolete. Again.

I’m okay with being an assistant. It isn’t a bad gig. I get paid well and I’m left alone and my girlfriend works in the same office so I see her all the time.

But is “being okay” with how I spend the majority of my life worth it? Shouldn’t I expect more from myself?

To me it is not worth it. I went to Oregon State University for three and a half years; I expected a career that would inspire and challenge me throughout. A year into the world of finance and I’m already burnt out. I consider finance a hobby now.

In college, I minored in what I loved and majored in what would get me paid. I now know that’s an ass-backwards way to live life.

A writer — that’s what I am at heart. No discussion needed, save for a brief scolding. I should have never suppressed my desire to write anything and everything I’m interested in.

Photo Credit: Polyvore

It’s who I am. It’s who I’ll always be.

So the question is: Who are you? What is your purpose on Earth, your WHY? It’s fine to not know right this moment, but it would be ideal to figure that out sooner rather than later. Because every day devoted to your passion is an extra day to truly be alive.

And like I said before, being “just fine” is no way to exist.

“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.” -Andre Gide

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