99 Days Away: TGIL (Thank Goodness I’m Leaving)

Another Friday, another reason to leave #100SA

When the cupcake hits you so good…
This is me recording our adventure from Hillsboro, Oregon to New York City in August and to Cape Town, South Africa on September 16th.

Welcome to day 2

I am incredibly sore from a few hours of basketball last night. But it’s a good sore. It makes me feel alive.

Just like traveling. Going to a new destination is so invigorating. Looking at the above picture, I can’t help but smile at the wonderful time I had in Los Angeles a month ago. Whether it’s near or far, travel is very good for my soul.

The same goes for my girlfriend. She is more of a travel junkie than I am. (4 years at an American college in Switzerland should hint at how adventurous she is.) She had a terrific meeting this morning with her new client. It’s so exciting, because I know this is the beginning of a snowball…one that ironically will end up on a warm beach in Cape Town.

Today is a Friday, which means another week has come and passed in the blink of an eye. That’s reason number 6,572 in a long list of reasons why taking the risk and living in another country is so damn appealing. Both my girlfriend and I work 9–5 assistant jobs for the same financial advising office. While I can’t speak on her behalf, for me these weeks are getting faster and faster. And while that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, this is what makes it truly horrific: I don’t remember any of it.

The days all meld together, like a tapestry of time filled with tedious tasks. I would never have expected to feel this way in my 40s, let alone 22. To have no positive memories from work or my life outside of work for the last month is rather sh*tty.

The last event I remember is going to Los Angeles for a long weekend. That was over a month ago.

I don’t want the rest of my life to be like this. So I’m cutting the tapestry and in 99 days I’m saying “see-ya” to this life of monotonous mediocrity.

I sincerely want everyone who is reading this to look back on their previous few weeks.

Did you do anything extremely memorable?

If so, wonderful! Keep that momentum going.

If not, maybe it’s time to reevaluate how you live your life. I know that’s heavy, but sometimes you need to practice a little humility and realize that your existence right now isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I understand the day-to-day can get in the way of your life’s purpose and your WHY, but you have to snap out of it continuously.

Photo Credit: LifeHack

Here’s what you do: Wake up, look at yourself in the mirror, and say out loud,

“I am strong, I know my purpose, and I will live today passionately.”

Some days you won’t do enough and that’s more than okay. Other days you’ll crush it and that’s awesome! The key is to say this mantra consistently so that it becomes habit. Then you gain that daily 1% that will snowball.

My girlfriend and I are living proof of this method. We are strong and have our purposes in mind. She has worked at her business and website ceaselessly for weeks and I have been writing nonstop for over a month. Her snowball has already accumulated into a paying client, while my following steadily grows so I can show as many people as possible that becoming a digital nomad is doable.

Memorize your WHY so you can remember what you’ve done in life.

This is only day two of the experiment, but I already feel this sense of relief while I write out my emotions during this transition. If anything, this will help me recall what these days entailed and how we decided to live through these final weeks in the United States.

A couple more details to add:

  • My mom is ready to make a change and leave. That means moving on from my dad and becoming independent, something she hasn’t been since high school. Every time I visit with her (like last night after basketball) she talks about how she goes back and forth with her decision. The longer this process draws on, the more chances her wavering could sway towards staying put and not changing, which is not a good thing. I’m psyched out of my mind for her and her choices to become herself again; the problem is we all have to hurry up and wait.
  • My girlfriend Jess is more than ready to fire her brother. Since she returned to the country last June, Jess has been curating social media for her brother’s business. The relationship has become strained and is now at the breaking point. Every tiny thing he does compounds the stress and there has been another recent “oh, brother” moment. Having a paying client alters the situation slightly; Jess is itching to give her bro the boot!
  • Today’s tasks are to keep from getting too sore from last night’s games, test out the plot for a self-published novel I am considering, and watch Jess’ brother’s kiddos tonight. (While he can be a bit much at times, the kids are awesome and we don’t spend enough time with them anyways.)
A fairly low-key Friday, but I need to make sure to focus on my purpose today.

If you enjoyed hearing my personal take on this journey I am on, please hit the heart. It shows me that this brings value to people’s daily lives, the one thing I focus on in my content.

Hope you all have a relaxing yet determined Friday!

“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day be your profession.” -Gabrielle Bernstein

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What keeps you from saying, “F*ck it, let’s go and do”? I’m here to help. Seriously. We are days away from embarking on the biggest adventure of our lives. I want to say the same for as many people possible. Please leave a comment about your fears and/or uncertainties about becoming who you really want to be. I will do my utmost to respond quickly with tangible tasks so you can immediately start on your path to purpose!

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