Friday Food: CHOCOLATE

Is chocolate good for you? Which bar is best?

(She’s the sweetest girl because of all the chocolate she eats!)

Chocolate is by far one of the best things you can eat. It’s also the worst.

How? Let me put it this way:

The chocolate you don’t eat is fantastic for your health; the chocolate you do eat is absolute crap.

This is why:

If you live in America, odds are you grew up eating milk chocolate. Hershey’s, chocolate milk, literally any famous candy bar. America runs on Nestle.

Problem is, when you consume a full Hershey’s milk chocolate bar, you are ingesting 24g of sugar and 8g of saturated fat. The World Health Organization says the daily recommended amount of sugar for a healthy adult is 25g, and the American Heart Association determines the daily recommended saturated fat limit is 16g.

All of your sugar, half of your saturated fat…in one f*cking candy bar.

Here’s the solution:

Swap out your candy bars and chocolate milk for dark chocolate. And when I say dark, I mean DARK. 88% cacao is some of the best chocolate for you.

A 100g bar of 70–85% chocolate contains 11g of fiber, 67% of your daily iron, and a decent amount of caffeine, along with a bunch of other micro-nutrients, according to Authority Nutrition. Improved blood flow, lower bad cholesterol and higher good cholesterol, improved cognitive function, decent source of protein, rich in antioxidants, protection from free radicals…the list goes on and on!

The trick is to eat dark. Therein lies the problem.

How do you wean yourself off of the sugary milk chocolate for the pure dark? Start off with 70% dark — if your addiction to milk chocolate is really real (like mine was), eat half a bar daily. Then keep getting darker, until you reach the 85–88% range. This is the *sweet* spot.

My favorite chocolate bar:

Endangered Species Chocolate Dark Chocolate w/ 88% Cocoa.

420 calories in a whole bar, 10g of sugar, and while it is high in saturated fats, the benefits of the cacao cancels out the negatives. Plus they donate 10% of their profits to protecting endangered species, which is really cool!

Takeaway: Chocolate is good for you in moderation and if it’s dark.

Happy (Healthy) Eating!

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