Hi there! I have had a surgery cause of clogged arteries and since then I take food very seriously.
Pablo Maldonado


Thanks for the question! It sounds like this disease is the buildup of fats, cholesterol, and other substances on the artery walls. That seems pretty rough man, sorry to hear you had to/have to deal with this.

I think that if you have clogged arteries and you have a high buildup of fats and cholesterol in your arteries, then you should probably eat foods that aren’t high in cholesterol or bad fats. The super-popular documentary What the Health on Netflix gives a brief look into cholesterol and how it affects the body. Eggs, processed meats, and more processed foods have terrible amounts of cholesterol.

Now, I am not a doctor. A nutritionist would be the best person to ask. But in my opinion, the best practice related to food is still how much you put in versus how much you expend throughout the day. Step two would be to look into the quality of the foods you’re consuming. Don’t read nutrition labels — read ingredient lists. Foods with natural ingredients, no added sugars, things that are actually healthy for you.

I’d almost suggest going vegan for a while and seeing how well you clear up, but that’s a lifestyle choice that you have to make. Hope you stay well and healthy, keep being conscious of what you eat, and happy living! Again, thanks for the comment!

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