Persuade, inspire and influence people with your message. Tell your story even when you think no one is listening. There’s always someone listening and your brilliance will be discovered when the time is right. You must see your own brilliance first though.
How A 19 Year Old Kid Got The Chance To Work For Gary Vaynerchuk
Tim Denning

This is such a fantastic article Tim! Seriously, if anyone needed a primer for how to be successful in 2017 and beyond, this is freaking it!

Being 18 or 78 years old doesn’t matter, you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with, hard work and patience is the unpopular but necessary path to making it big…all of this you hit on the nose my man!

Believe in yourself. It’s going down in the (Instagram) DM. Sooner or later, your idol will be asking you to be a part of their experience. Build consistency and value into your brand and you can’t lose.

Like I said, I LOVE this article Tim. I’m bookmarking it and keeping it close by for a weekly read. Great stuff.