And no matter how much I read articles that list the 10 things they have in common, the 5 morning routine tips that made them successful, the 25 quotes that inspired them, the 50 best decisions they ever made or the 20 traits that helped them achieve their dreams, I’ll probably never reach their level.
I want to quit. Right. Fucking. Now.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Who the fuck cares? Yes, it is smart to steal from great artists and use their knowledge to structure your own routine and work, but sometimes you have to be different from the pack. Unique. THAT’S how you never give up: You always stay true to yourself and develop the way you want to. There are people out there unknowingly waiting for someone like you to come along and satisfy their needs. Reading listicles and how-to’s are just a waste of time and energy. Use it to produce, not consume.

Jon, your recent articles are on par with Gary Vaynerchuk in terms of inspiration and action. These posts require responses, whether it’s me writing a new blog post, learning how to become a valuable online coach, or how to develop my social media presence. So I want to thank you for all of the hard work you put into your craft. It is extremely appreciated, and I’m sure I speak for more than myself.