Daily Journal : Day 12


This last weekend I had the tremendous pleasure of attending Electric Forest and I was able to learn a lot about myself and others. Going into this weekend I wasn’t sure how it would change me, or how profound this experience would be. The night before leaving I saw Illenium with Jocelyn and it was a moment that made me feel like one of the luckiest people in the world. Seeing someone light up like she does being around me is a feeling I can’t put into words and was on my mind going into forest.

This weekend I was able to sit back and be grateful for all that has happened to get to me to where I am today. Throughout the past few months many people have grown away from me, but this weekend confirmed I had been doing the right thing. Kevin reached out many times this weekend to try and mend our friendship. Although I am proud of his effort thus far, it will still take a greater amount of effort and persistence for him and I to be where we once were. Hearing and seeing him feels so sorry because he knows I was always doing my best is a feeling that reminded me I was on the correct path all along.

Other than Kevin, this weekend reminded and 100% cemented one of my life mottos that is to never give less than 100% to what you care about. Whether it be a relationship, an event, a workout, an assignment, etc. Knowing that I give 100% to everything I choose to, and acknowledging there are things that I don’t has given me much more clarity. I know whatever does or doesn’t workout is truly on me, and those instances in which I have given 100% will never leave me with regret.

Event though there is more I have learned, and more to still learn, I want to end here and see what the rest of this summer has in store. I have spent so much time growing, and seeing the results makes me so proud knowing it was because I never gave up on ME, and for that I will be forever proud.

Personal Inspirational Quote: Choose wisely how much effort you put into people, events, etc. because that effort will directly affect the outcome. But if you choose to give it everything you got and it doesn’t turn out how you want, it means there’s more room to grow but no regrets to be had.
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