4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

Yep, we voted for Trump because he’s a fellow journeyman loser.

It has nothing to do with the right of a sovereign nation to make choices about its own borders and deport illegals. It has nothing to do with how illegal unskilled labor hurts unskilled native born Americans, especially black Americans, who need this kind of work to help “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” worst of all.

It has nothing to do with the 1000+ women who molested and raped by 1000+ refugees and migrants in Cologne, or people getting run over with trucks (including a little girl) in Berlin and Nice, or shot in concert halls and cartoonist offices in Paris, or the boy who got raped in at the Austrian swimming pool by an Iraqi, or the nail bomb by a Syrian in Ansbach…and on and on and on…

It has nothing to do with the fact that HRC took a $1million dollar “birthday present” from Qatar who we know to be funding ISIS. Or that the Clintons took $10 million from Saudi Arabia to build a Bill Clinton commemorative library, also who we know to be funding ISIS. Or that HRC was clearly saber rattling against the Syrian government and Russia, to start a new neocon dictator overthrow boondoggle which would cause many more (poor, working class enlisted) young men to come home in flag draped caskets. It has nothing to do with the obvious realization that ISIS is a useful tool to increase the Sunni power bloc , and that the elite neocons don’t give a FUCK how many average citizens in Western countries get killed in collateral.

It has nothing to do with HRC’s destabilization of Libya as Secretary of State.

It has nothing to do with the TPP or NAFTA, and how we are destroying our production of real wealth by entering into free trade zones with countries that do not enforce minimum wage standards comparable to ours.

It has nothing to do with any of that. It’s just because Trump is funny and has a touchy ego. FOR THE LULZ GUISE.

Fuck off.

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