Thinking of coloring your hair this Christmas

Santa Claus with his rosy red cheeks and a scarlet coat, and glittering red decorations affixed to a lush green tree is who we think about when Christmas comes along — this colour coding of the season has been a tradition for centuries. With this jolly season comes celebration and lots of color. Your hair design can also display the holiday cheer. If you’re thinking of coloring your hair this Christmas, here’s an idea just for you.

Hair design ideas for Christmas
 You can color your hair with Christmas colors to go with the season, and we’ll show how to do it right.
Think Green
 Green represents eternity. Green has become a popular choice for many hair designs because of it warm and fitting color.
Think Red
 Red represents the blood of Christ. A color that was once associated with only anime characters, has gained some support from fashion enthusiasts. 
How can you dye your hair?
 You can opt to do the dirty work by yourself, or you can visit a hair color salon in Huntingdon Valley.

To dye it yourself, you’ll need to bleach it first to blonde. That part should be easy. Next, section the hair into two equal parts, front and back. Then section the hair again from that part in the front, 1/3 and 2/3. The bigger section cut out at the front should be dyed red, and the smaller part in front should be dyed green. This frames your face with the stunning Christmas colors. 
 After that, all the back areas should be dyed purple. Purple has always been the principal colour of the season, symbolizing repentance. It is a colour of royalty, signifying the anticipation as well as the reception of the King celebrated during Christmas.
 You can add some blue in a tiny streak just between the purple and green. This special one will appear as a small touch of winter, as well as a mixing point for the purple and green. You can see the hidden colour only if the hair is restyled right across.
 But why do it yourself, when specialist at hair colour salon Huntingdon Valley can perfect it for you. 
How can you style your hair?
 You can blow-dry the hair smooth using a round brush. With the two panels of green and red at the front, you can style the hair towards one way to show only the red, and then change the parting to reveal the green.
 Now who says your hair can’t be fabulous during the joyful season?
 For more information or simply for unique hair design ideas, contact hair color salon Huntingdon Valley.

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