Harpursville giraffe birth Facebook live video

Facebook Live is an excellent way for brands or businesses to reach out and engage consumers, other companies, critics, and fans in a visual event for educational or entertainment purposes. While I have watched plenty of Facebook Live videos before, I have never witnessed such a diverse crowd on Facebook as thousands come together to witness the birth of a giraffe at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. There has also been some controversy around the ability for the zoo to broadcast the video, according to Tribune Media, which led to business and PR decisions that display the importance of good social media management. They report the zoo was originally trying to air the video on YouTube but “animal rights extremists” flagged the video as sexually explicit content and the video was taken down. A second video is still viewable but has since stopped. Now the video is on multiple news websites as well as Facebook streaming live. The zoo’s decision to put up the video despite opposition speaks to the business side of using live videos and Facebook live as to whether or not to post content that is unfavorable to some. In the end it was agreed that the live video was educational and should be viewable to the public. It is important for brands and businesses to make the right decision in tense situations to so that their reaction is in alignment with their own brand values and they are prepared for the possible outcomes of their decision. The best part of the live video for me was seeing all the people come together around this amazing animal as it brought a life into the world. all of the comments are so kind and it is interesting to see people interacting from all over the world. It made Facebook seem much more like a community. Overall, I had a great time participating in the Facebook live video of the giraffe at the park in Harpursville. While the baby hasn’t come yet, I will definitely continue participating in the live events. I also learned a lot about dealing with opposition from a business standpoint from the Animal Adventure Park and their continued pursuit to make the live video available to the public.

My comments on the Facebook live video!

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