I’d say that the answer to the first of the two questions (Why are we still doing it the way we…
Lukasz Laniecki

The concept of inertia applied to a person’s consecutive wishful thinking, decision to act, and execution is a key point to moving forward with change. As a self-employed tutor, I have the freedom to make changes to my methods and while some ideas make it to execution, the feeling that more can be done always weighs nearby. The greatest struggle between idea and implementation for an educator stems from our immersion in traditional learning, it’s what we know. Identifying an ideal system feels simple, but finding the capable and fulfilling pathway toward this is difficult because the battle takes place with society and within the structure of our own minds. A conclusion that can satisfy the hunger for change is knowing that while movement will be slow, we have more access than ever to communicate with colleagues, receive feedback from students, and take each step closer to the mark. Thank you for this insightful article and comment. I will be using the Tedx vs chart in new activities.

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