Block numbers and the token sale end time

As our community knows today our Token Sale is scheduled to end soon.

In preparations for it we have seen our Smart Contract points to block number 4,254,119 as our ending block. At the time of writing this blog post we see the current block number is 4,247,882 giving us a delta of 6237 blocks.

To our surprise we have checked and see that the average processing time per block has drifted from 17 seconds to 24.56 seconds over the time of the Token Sale.

This means that our token sale might still have an extra 24 hours to run before is completed as the token sale smart contract is coded to end at block 4,254,119.

The key is not that we have allowed more time before our sale closes but instead this exactly how the blockchain works. The beauty sort of is that we do not control when the sale finishes.

We will now update our website with a new counter pointing to the block numbers instead of indicating hours and minutes.

Note that even though the sale remains open for the period specified by the block number, tokens are already being distributed in keeping with our communications about token availability being after 2 weeks.

Again, thank you for your support through our token sale.

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