Commercially-Focused Ethereum Scaling: White Paper release, opening GitHub and deployment to Ropsten testnet

hubii continues to deliver tangible products whilst many others promote empty promises.

Today, we release the striim White Paper, deploy striim to the Ropsten testnet and open its GitHub repository.

striim has been developed without the need for a further token sale. Rather than spending our energy and funds on promotion, we have chosen to build things.

hubii will abstract itself from striim governance using a foundation model. This is our ideal for 2nd layer scaling governance on top of Ethereum.

All revenue from striim will go to ensuring the security of the protocol via a novel set of incentive mechanisms. Token holders will be rewarded for their participation in this system and striim tokens will be fully distributed by airdrop, as discussed previously (

The important link;

If you want a bit of an intro to the project, please read the following posts:

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