hubii core wallet feature now live for testing

Our last product blog post ( revealed that we are working on a full set of asset management features as part of hubii core. This is the first in a series of blog posts describing in more detail what hubii core will look like. In fact, today, we are happy to share with you the release the first version of our hubii core wallet.

You can add a new wallet, restore or import a wallet

What we have released today is an early alpha and should be treated as such: please test it, but only with limited funds. In one of the next deployments we will add hardware wallet integration (we always recommend their use, for their added security). The code of this project is not open source yet, but will be eventually. However, we wanted to start sharing and collecting feedback — so please do download the wallet on GitHub ( and give us feedback by joining our telegram group (

“All Wallets” provide users with a single view of all their crypto assets

While this version is an early alpha and clearly still pro-user material, you can already see a glimpse of the user friendly features we are building in: from an address book that allows you to manage those pesky long keys to a UI that makes it a lot harder to make common mistakes such as confusing price / amount / gas — don’t dismiss this, it happens more often that you may think. We have seen it!

hubii core supports a night & day theme

We also promised more details on the exchange we are building as part of hubii core. Please look at the next blog posts for those. For better readability, we are splitting our news and updates into easy to digest bites.

The “Transfer” screen offers a comprehensive and clean interface

We also promised more details on the exchange we are building as part of hubii core. We will share more details in the next post — very soon.