Integrity and transparency are at the core of how we we want to operate Hubii — both at the personal and the business level. We followed simple rules of engagement throughout the ICO: our script was honest, open, clear and concise.

When the opportunity to engage with the great boxer Floyd Mayweather was presented to us, we took a step back and paused for a few hours. We wanted to evaluate the upsides and possible downsides.

We wanted to know how could we leverage working with someone of the caliber of Mayweather and yet be in sync with the message we have been sending across.

When we discussed this with Mayweather’s team it soon became clear to us that both sides understood the potential Blockchain can unleash and how a solution like Hubii Network could be used in the near future to stream sports events as big as the $1B fight which takes place on Saturday. Sport is a giant percentage of all content consumed. We want to make sure athletes and sports fans know we will include them in our solution and we want distributors to understand that we are planning a build a solution that covers all aspects of our lives — quality news, sports, arts, music, film, you name it!

Floyd and his team understood.

Moving forward comes down to delivering and building Hubii Network and let it unleash new opportunities for us all. We need supporters to do so.

Good luck Floyd in your fight this coming Saturday.

Ours takes place today.