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Following our recent announcement of the upcoming NII token IEO sale with Liquid, today we’re taking a closer look at the token economics behind NII. The NII token sale starts with a limited Pre-Sale on 16th September, with the full Public Sale beginning on 18th September. You can read more about the IEO here and the registration link for Liquid is here. Read on to find out why nahmii and the NII token are so special.

Powerful Scaling

At a fundamental level nahmii scales so well because we remove the need for coming to consensus on data prior to allowing transactions to take place. Instead, consensus is only needed to allow settlements and withdrawals to go ahead; and it is prevented if fraud is detected. There is a challenge period whilst this occurs which gives a large window of opportunity for our system to reach an agreement. …



Founder & CEO at @hubii and @hubiinetwork. Busy keeping myself busy.

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