MVP: The Marketplace

Over the last few weeks we have announced the names of the three companies that we will work with in building and deploying our very first blockchain-based MVP (minimum viable product):

Grupo PRISA — world’s leading Spanish and Portuguese-language media group.

OmiseGO — fully public and decentralized payment and exchange platform.

TCL/Alcatel/Hawk — top-10 global mobile phone manufacturer selling products in over 160 countries.

Hubii Network will be a blockchain based decentralised content marketplace and the three main pillars of such a platform will be content, payments and distribution. Each of these three companies represents one of those pillars.

Working with industry leaders enables us to deploy this MVP with a good market fit and ensures that our distribution partners can reach out directly to millions of users from day one.

We will work closely with the teams at Grupo PRISA and TCL/Alcatel/Hawk in developing the design and specific features of Hubii Network. That way, best practices for content ingestion, content pricing conditions, content pool requirements, content distribution interfaces, for budget allocation and expenditure will be designed and built in liaison with future users.

Hubii has been powering millions of users from TCL/Alcatel/Hawk over the last years in regions such as Latin America and Russia. Our blockchain based content marketplace is built on the experience gained in the years of distributing content and working with industry partners such as TCL/Alcatel/Hawk.

The payment gateway will be built using OmiseGO’s platform so our engineering team will work closely with OMG’s team over the next few months. Hubii’s existing platform produces many millions of transactions every day and as we migrate the business to the blockchain we will need to work with the best scaling solutions for this new token based economy.

Over the next few weeks we will share more details about the team building Hubii Network, our updated roadmap, ongoing progress and timings.