Our way forward: Hubii Network Roadmap

Nov 17, 2017 · 3 min read

Over the last two months we have been actively engaged in technical discussions, business development meetings and conversations with key industry players and future partners. With the knowledge gained from those conversations we have been able to re-assess and prioritise our product roadmap. The solution we are building is complex and has several key components. We gave them internal project names to make it easier to refer to them — these will not be used for any go-to-market activities — but we wanted to explain them, as they are likely to pop-up in future communications.

Agora — the marketplace

Hubii Network’s content marketplace has been internally named “Agora”, Greek for marketplace. We have all partners lined up for the first MVP and development is underway with January 2018 as launch goal. Details on this MVP and why it is one month behind our initial schedule will be explained in one of our next posts.

A subsequent, mid 2018, release of Agora will provide audio and video content ingestion and distribution. These features will be deployed earlier than originally specified on the roadmap we published in the White Paper. Together with this deployment there will be a release of a Proof of Concept (PoC) of ingestion and distribution of videos and it will include monetisation for user generated video content, fully enabled crypto payments and a mechanism to remove users’ exchange risk.

For the end of year 2018 release we envision completing the migration of all existing Hubii partners to Hubii Network while introducing new partners, key features such as smart crowdfunding and crowdsourcing content curation.

Omphalos — the wallet

Originally we expected to build a basic wallet within our marketplace Agora however, after numerous meetings with future users of the solution we decided to spin off the wallet as a stand alone product, codenamed “Omphalos”. We expect hundreds of thousands of content creators using our solution, many of them with little to no blockchain or crypto experience. Creating an easy to use solution that can allow novices to easily interact with blockchain and crypto is the motivation behind the decision to put more focus on the wallet. A great UI/UX never hurts, when also supporting advanced features.

Pythia — the fact checking tool

Pythia was the Oracle of Delphi, the most authoritative Oracle in Ancient Greece. Pythia, our take on a fully decentralised fact checking tool, is a key part of Hubii Network and we hope the community and world will embrace it. We are working with researchers and potential partners on the detailed scope for Pythia. More information will be revealed soon.

Since publishing our White Paper, we added items to our roadmap and thanks to industry interest in our solution and support from partners, we plan to deploy key features thus as audio and video significantly earlier than initially planned.

Our objective is to be fully decentralised, as soon as the technology allows this. Initially our products will rely on a Hybrid architecture, but we continuously work towards a fully decentralised solution.

You can follow us on Telegram https://t.me/hubiinetwork, Twitter https://twitter.com/hubiinetwork or visit our website https://hubii.network/ for more details.


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Founder & CEO at @hubii and @hubiinetwork. Busy keeping myself busy.

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