Partnering with Content Creators

Content creators are on one side of our two-sided network. Our value proposition to them: a streamlined process consisting of visibility, accountability over their work and a frictionless payment method.

Historically content creators have suffered from a loss of control over their work once published on the internet.

Hubii Network provides them with the mechanism to re-write the rules of engagement for their content while offering them a platform reaching millions of users. Users that were virtually impossible for them to reach before.

Thus, Hubii Network as a platform will allow content creators to reach out to new distribution channels while still maintaining control over their work and prices.

We are currently in discussions with large publishing houses to start building our very first release of Hubii Network which is scheduled for Q4 2017. The objective is to ingest content from over 1,000 publications and provide the publishing houses with the ability to set rules for their content distribution and remuneration.

For this release we envision working with three kind of partners; creators, distributors and other blockchain companies.

We will then share more about our thoughts around distributors next.