Partnering with Content Distributors

[Foremost, sorry for the hiatus on the blogging but the last two and half weeks have been truly overwhelming with an endless set of admin tasks post-ICO. That list is considerably reduced now and therefore we can resume blogging and slowly picking up the pace again.]

As mentioned on previous posts, Hubii Network addresses pain points on both sides of our platform; the content creators and content distributors.

A question I often get is “Who are the content distributors”? I think that is a good starting for the reader to comprehend the dimension of the opportunity that Hubii Network addresses.

In today’s implementation of Hubii, a content distributor is either a news aggregators, OEM’s or Telcos.

OEM’s and Telcos tend to have a in common a large base of users and the fact that they want to add value added services for their users; that is when content comes in.

The common denominator for these partners is the fact that finding and sourcing content becomes a complex task to accomplish and that is one of the most important pain points that Hubii Network will fix for them.

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