Following yesterday’s announcement about our commitment to move forward and have a successful ICO, today some more detail on one of the key points mentioned on that post; Partnerships.

As described in our White Paper, Hubii Network is a two-sided market. For those not familiar with the two-sided market concept, it is a platform that fixes problems for two different types of actors — one at each end. Often this model entails the “chicken & egg” problem luckily we have already solved many of them thanks to our existing partners — both publishers and distributors.

While existing two-sided platforms tend to focus on solving the underuse of a given commodity (transport — 80% of the time taxis are idle — and accommodation — many people has rooms available to monetise — ) by providing it to a much larger audience in need for a better and cheaper service, Hubii Network will focus on the misuse of that commodity — content — and its distribution.

That will be leveraged by our token, which has a clear utility, combined with the control that Smart Contracts can give to content creators.

Historically, our partnerships have consisted of two types; content creators and content distributors. For example, we work with companies such as Media houses to ingest their content and with Telco’s to distribute the content further.

By working with companies that have built Blockchain based solutions, we are now adding a third dimension to those partnerships. Working with other decentralised services allows us to deliver a leaner solution focused on being streamlined and …, yes, decentralised.

Over the next days we will share more about each of the three types of partnerships we are working on.