Telenor Group formalizes work with Hubii Network

Telenor Group, one of the world’s major mobile operators across Scandinavia, Central Eastern Europe, and Asia, has partnered with Hubii for a number of projects over the last few years. First we worked with the Norwegian company, that operates in 13 markets, as part of the Firefox OS project together with Mozilla, when we delivered local content to hundreds of thousands of users in Bangladesh. This relationship evolved into working together on the Wowbox project, which is Telenor’s content offering for millions of users in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan. Telenor has also been supportive about our blockchain work from the onset.

We are excited that Telenor Group continues to work with us as we migrate the Wowbox installation to our new, blockchain based platform Hubii Network. Telenor Group and Hubii just signed an agreement to work on this migration. The change to blockchain allows content owners to connect directly with the Wowbox team, making the solution more dynamic and transparent when it comes to payments and managing cost.

“Content distribution continues to be an important topic for Telenor Group. We work with Hubii on the Wowbox project and look forward to exploring the opportunities of blockchain in content distribution with them over the next few months.”, says Bjørn Thorstensen of Telenor Group about the agreement with Hubii.

With partners that know each other and have built products together, it often is easier to move fast. Thus, while this new agreement adds a new deliverable to our Agora (Marketplace) roadmap, working with a long time partner allows us to drive both projects (TCL/Alcatel’s and Telenor’s) and deploy at least one project as planned in January 2018.

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