Breaking down the role, supply, and mechanisms of NII, Nahmii’s native token.

NII Supply Tokenomics

Nahmii is a tokenized protocol with a total supply of 120 billion NII tokens. NII are held in time-locked contracts and released at the rate of 1 billion tokens per month over ten years. The initial distribution round was in December 2018, and NII’s current circulating supply is ~33 billion…

Breaking down Nahmii’s “commercial relevance” and what it means for Ethereum’s scale.

Decentralization, scalability, and security are the three elements every Web3 project must constantly balance and maximize. However, these three priorities often conflict with one another in practice, and few projects have managed to successfully optimize all three pillars of this “blockchain trilemma.” …


Founder & CEO at @nahmii_io & @NiiFiDAO

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