The story behind Moment’s new identity.

For well over a decade, we’ve worked with clients to redefine what lies ahead. We’ve been around for bubbles that inflated, then burst. We’ve seen unprecedented shifts in our economic, technology, business, and cultural landscapes. We’ve contributed to the disruption of industries and helped to change people’s lives. Through it all, we’ve grown, stayed true to our core values, and gotten stronger and bolder. We’ve helped clients tune out the static, find what matters, and chart a better future for themselves and their customers.

To ensure that we continue to exceed expectations, we’ve redefined who we are as a company…

TL;DR: We’re curious.

Exploring new technology and how it has the potential to change lives is part of what we do at Moment. In fact, it’s something we’ve been doing since 2002.

With all of the attention VR has been getting lately and all the VR platforms — HoloLens, Oculus Rift, Vive, Gear, and Cardboard — becoming even more accessible, it’s clearly time to better understand and see where VR could go. For those reasons, Moment hosted The Future Reality: Designing for VR Platforms as part of Internet Week.

Too often photographers reside in their own little bubbles. The have their influences, their favorite photographers, the blogs they regularly check out and rarely venture out of their comfort zones. There’s nothing wrong with sticking with what you know, but it’s worthwhile to sometimes take stock of what you’re letting seep into your brain. Looking to other sources for inspiration on what to shoot, especially if you’re a commercial photographer, can be beneficial to your career. To help in your quest to level up, I created this list of five places every photographer should look for inspiration.

While participating in…

Make It Limited, Punch the Card

When life hands you 5,940 extra punch cards, make sure you do something with them.

In March of 2014 a friend of mine hosted his first of what will hopefully be many pop-up restaurants. As an extremely talented cook — the chef named New York’s best by the James Beard Awards took him under her wing early on in his career — he knows his way around a kitchen, which also means he know how to make things run smoothly. This scenario was to be a challenge because he’d given himself the task of serving a six-course meal to three…

Jacob Pastrovich

Marketing Director, Newlab.

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