Jacob Paul Pounds the Pittsburgh Pavement Part 1

_____Hello, welcome to my journal. My name is Jacob Paul and I’m coming to you live from the corner of Walnut Street and Maryland Ave. The date is 8/30/16, army time is 18:19 and my god it is hot as hell out here! Im sitting right in the sunlight, swarmed by a sqadron of suspiciously iridescent flies and honestly I feel great. This is a pass through intersection with a four way stop. I am the only stationary being here- everyone else is just on their way from point a to point b, and about half othem give me a weird ook when they see me sat down with a notebook and a camera- I do not see that changing with the time of day at all. A hundred cars have probably stopped and gone since I have been here (only about ten minutes, there is a steady flow of traffic), along with three walkers, a few runners, a pokemon go playing couple, oh and don’t forget the bikers. Chatham University is just a few blocks up Maryland on Forbes, the Shadyside shopping district is to my left up Walnut Street, and to my right is a plethora of apartments, including the Richard, which my Great Grandpa built decades ago and named after my Grandpa (his name is Richard). Across the intersection is a Salon, a Chiropractor’s and a Cleaner’s, and thought they don’t seem to be bustling they must do okay because they’re in business. Nonetheless, buisiness is only one eighth of this intersection. -Jacob Paul

______Hello Dear Reader! My name is Jacob Paul, the date is 8/31/16, the army time is 17:08 and a famous person died yesterday! That was a joke, but it is probably true (In review, Willy Wonka actor Gene Wilder had passed away the day before I wrote this. I confidently assert that I have not lived a day in the past four years that has not been a day of memoriam, a national holiday, or a day dedicated to something as insignifcant as puppies, siblings, borfirends, girlfriends, burgers, lobsters, or another crustacean. Did you know Christopher Wallace and Albrect Durer were born on the same day? So what were you doing this past May 21st, carving lithographs or listening to Hypnotize?) I’m sitting where I sat yesterday and today we’re talking numbers! Apparently I can be a statistician if I put my mind to it.

17:13 -> 17:25 (check the attached photo for the fax and stats)

As you can see, this is a pretty heavily trafficked intersection. Most of the statistics I wrote down may seem irrelevant, and they are, but look at the amount of people that went into the business. There is a steady river through here. No one is panicked, but everyone is well on their way, and the water never sits still for more than twenty seconds. Out everyone that just interacted with this intersection, almost 100, only two were coming here. Make that three, another person just pulled up in a coupe and got out towards the Cleaner’s. The rest were just passing through. Nearly half the drivers “Pittsburgh stopped,” and slowed down to 15 mph as they approached the stop sign, only to accelerate through upon the impression that the coast was clear. This says more about the people’s attitude than their driving. (one more guy just walked into the Cleaner’s shop). Besides the groups walking together or driving in the same car, very few interactions are made here- especially not eye contact. In about 30 minutes the sun will be setting and people will come out to walk their dogs like they dd yesterday (secretly they only walk their dogs at 6 because everyone looks good in the dramatic yellow light). I’m going to take a few more pictures and then leave, but until then just know that a famous person died yesterday, and you don’t care. Should you? Find out in the next episode, I’m sure another will have passed by then. -Jacob Paul

______Hello Dear Reader, My name is Jacob and I probably don’t [eff] with you. The date is 9/06, I am coming to you live from the design studio at 06:58 and the (draft) of the this assignment is due in 1.5 hours. I finished two nights ago actually, and was not aware that we had to extend the journal post to explain the process behind the work. We start at Walnut x Maryland, sitting down in front of an oddly orange fire hydrant. If you don’t recall, everyone walking by had a place to be, and thus people who walked by cared little to acknowledge the hippie photographer sitting in the shrubs.

Notice the great bravado in that hair flip

I chose this one because it captures the mood and the setting, and so I had to maintain these features in the simplification. It took a few tries, but after the third simplification I was sure of the features I wanted to include. Look at that hair flip! Raw bravado.

This is the second to final draft. The box reads “red things will not be included,” and the most integral knockout here was the two storefront signs. Though the lack of them makes the building appear was warehouses in the simplification, they felt unutilized and thus the lack of bustle is accurate.

Final Line drawing

This was it; some edges could be perfected but as long as I knew that it would be precise in the final. This may be a shaky mentality but it would worked for this project. I took this up to the fourth floor of the hunt library, scanned it, and printed out three copies. I had to organize the project mentally- like planning the next move in a RummiKub game- and ended up with this process work that is as useful as it is colorful.

(Colors extra bright due to eccentricity of CFA scanner)

I printed out three color copies of this, and somehow the CFA printer could print blue, and red, but not purple. So layer “4” printed as an artificially bright shade of blue. I followed these instructions almost to a T, with a few adaptations. Adaptations (in order of layers- base to top):

  • The holes in the tree were improvised and drawn without a guide, because there was nothing special enough about the exact shapes to justify the required tediousness.
  • The curb detailing was scraped because it was deemed insignificant (so that little blue “3” panel under the telephone pole on the right became a green “2” panel.
  • The window detailing was modified for the form to fit the function. In the colored instruction sheet above, the inner edges were to be added on top of the window, and as I was about to cut it out it just didnt make sense in my head. Significantly diverted from the plan I had worked so hard to think and illustrate seemed silly, but this was about the final piece and anything but the absolute best would be feeble. Why not finesse? I cut out an extra layer of the “2” panel that fills the facade of the panels. On the first one, the windows are cut with the inner edges, and on the second they’re cut out from the outer edge. Layered a top one another (the smaller frames under, of course, creates a great amount of dimension. I’m glad I went for it here.
  • The last adaption is the “top layer,” even thought I cut the hair and arm details, I scraped the whole thing. Though the hair is the shape of the photo, this is a simplification and it was simply too prominent. The same goes for the bent arm, but to hold onto the intimate sense of depth I cut out a single shoulder crease in the protagonist (excuse the slight Chinglish).
The all white paper cutout is not too photogenic

That would be the end of it, but as I was working I kept some of the cut of instruction printouts, and collaged them on a piece of tabloid printing paper throughout the process. I’m enamored with it, much more so than the final paper product.

So that’s about it for now folks. I would go through and edit this for grammar but if I really [eff] with you then you know that this is only a post for a college class, and doesnt really say [Bee-Ess] about me. Duces. ____________-Jacob Paul

_______Incase you were unaware, September 7th is national cool people debut NEW innovations day. This year Apple is celebrated with the announcement of the new best iPhone ever, and I am joining the party by announcing the new best cutout by Jacob Paul ever. Happy belated cool people debut new innovations day, and I switched photos! Change is always difficult. The innovator must compromise between their creation and the existing design, and the audience must be ready to give up the old feature that they loved so much. I know you may have enjoyed the aux cord that accompanied my last photo, but this new one has Bluetooth capabilities !!! *applause *applause *applause *applause *applause *applause

I am bothered by this assignment. The expectation that I “get in the habit” of logging onto some chich designed, gentrification vibed website everyday and write in a strictly design oriented manner is annoying, I don’t just think about drawing all day- nonetheless this paper drawing- life is too complexly nuanced to be able to simply schism Jacob from design, and the implication that this unnatural separation- or focus, as you might call it- is so breezy and easy to accomplish, is insulting. Would the result not be synthetic? Ingenuine? I can assert that the process of making such a plain piece would degrade to my mental health. Here is the link to the wikipedia page for “design,” with this are only a brief mathematical equation away from the desired synthetic stream of design. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design Simply punch the first three paragraphs into google translate, copy and paste the Spanish translation and translate it into Chinese (simplified), then Luxembourgish, and then back into English.

“Design is a plan or protocol for the object, system, or our measurable (such as drawings, engineering drawings, business processes, circuit diagrams and sewing mode architecture) create construction. [1] There are various areas of design different connotations (see below design disciplines). In some cases, directly structured objects (such as ceramic, project management, coding, and graphic) design is also considered.

Aesthetic design often requires considering the dimensions of the object and design process, the design features of political, economic and social. It may involve considerable research, thought, modeling, interactive adjustment, and re-design. Simultaneously, can have different types of objects created, including clothes, a graphical user interface, skyscrapers, corporate identity, business processes, and also the design. [2]

So, can the “design” refers to a shape created thing or things (design something), or a verb a clear process of abstraction to create such grammatical context clear.”

VWALLAH! You’ve done it! Design! I no longer care to express myself with literate syntax on Medium, because, Dear Reader, what have you done to merit access to such grandeur?

— 9/7/16 — New picture chosen for easier to simplify — Also representation fruition of place — Paper cutout look good — Right choise made? — Steve scared by grimness

This here is a guideline sketch of the pic. For the final, I simplified the image even further
White on White paper cutout

— 9/8/16 — White on white paper cutout good — not much to change in translation to warm grays — Argued with Steve — He said to follow my heart

— 9/12/16 — Warm Grays look good — Can eliminate second midtone for further simplification — Hand, sidewalk and pipe detailing will be color of the main wall — Have to bring in a colored page — Simplification to three tones will help

Brought the file into photoshop to text colors, three tones work
Ewwwwww- too happy and contrast is ugly
This is the color
This is the one

Though the grey was darker and colder, the final peice came out beautiful. Really nailed the tie for the first time, and the composition is simplified yet communicative. Colors arent too bad either- provoke the tranquil melancholy behind my corner.