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When Jacob met Rachel at the well (Genesis), she was waiting for the rest of the shepherds to arrive. The shepherds didn’t trust each other, and didn’t want the others to take more water than necessary. They devised a solution: they would place a very heavy rock on the opening — too heavy for one person to lift by themselves. Then they would wait until all the shepherds arrived so they could remove the rock in unison, and water their flocks together.

This story reminds me of wise words that…

You’ve heard about Bitcoin and blockchains. You did a google search, and read a few of the top results but still don’t really understand how it works. You shrug and move on — there are other projects to finish and responsibilities to manage.

And that’s okay.

Do you understand how HTTPS technology works?

No, but it gives you the piece of mind that you can safely buy those new shoes online when you see the little green lock in the top left hand corner of your browser.

Do you know how your iPhone’s camera app was programmed?

No, but you…

Q&A with Gia Rozells, Director of User Experience at Becton Dickinson Medical Technology.

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Top Questions Answered

  1. Can you share how your design process works with integrating hardware, software, and service design?
  2. When I make a change to my product, it can take years for the end users to adopt it. This will happen only if users decide that a new feature is business requirement, and the product has been independently tested. In a risk-adverse industry this makes sense but can create a huge lagtime between design and in-field user feedback. How do you approach this issue?
  3. Do we keep design sprint and engineer sprint separate in Agile Scrum? Doing it together has a risk of some…

Dan, thanks for doing this AMA! I’m curious about some techniques on selling design discovery projects, especially because we don’t always know the solution until we do research. Help?

One notion I’d like to dispel: Discovery is not just research.

Discovery is a process of filling gaps in your knowledge, and arriving at a better understanding of the problem as well as a starting point for your solution.

Thinking of discovery as distinct from design will definitely make it harder to sell. Instead. I position discovery as part of the design process, our methods and tools for setting the stage for detailed design.

I’d like to hear some tips or a starting point for huge product redesign efforts. What’s a good way to get a handle of the stories and requirements for design when a client just has a big, existing complicated product and expects the features to be more or less the same, but doesn’t have the functionality documented very well.

Get the team together and do a prioritization exercise like KJ analysis.

When I face big problems like this I ask myself two questions:

1. How…

Q&A with Donna Lichaw, Author of “The User’s Journey: Storymapping Products That People Love”

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Top Questions Answered

  1. It would be great to hear any examples of how quantitive and qualitative research has fed in to this approach and how this is articulated to clients. If possible, it would also be great to hear any examples of how you have found using this approach with development and visual design teams, and how this may have helped prioritise what an agile team may focus on in sprints. — Davy
  2. How would your address the story map of an educational process such as educational software or even a museum exhibit? — Jim Parrillo
  3. Within the chapter “Using the story” the…

Q&A with Al Lucca, Senior Director of Product Design at Viacom

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Top Questions Answered

  1. Can you discuss a brand or product design AI Assistant — Camilo Salazar, Team Synapbox

2. Do you have experience designing a completely new product / service for an emerging platform? Planning and running user tests with as-yet-non-existent emerging platforms must be very different from doing the same for existing products/services on emerging platforms. In your experience, how do those two differ? — Mihir Pathare

3. Can you discussed TV remotes as a voice alternative to Amazon Echo or Google Home? — Jake

4. Can you discuss the differences and similarities of a UX vs. Product Designer? — Ilya Startsev

Live session update — 02/26/2017

Hey there,

Unfortunately, I have to push off today’s session with David & Sagi from Hacking UI to next week, Sunday 2pm ET.

I know how much you want to get started with designing your brand so I’ll leave you with some homework, optional of course :)


  1. I highly recommend listening to episode 7 of Stephen Gates’ podcast, “Bringing your personal brand to life.”

2. Grab a free MailChimp or Goodbits account. One of the things we’ll discuss is how to build a newsletter and connect it to your personal brand. …

Q&A with Jyoti Shukla, Senior Director of UX at Nordstrom

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Top Questions Answered

Q: What UX metrics do you use for eCommerce? — Sean Gerety

Q: Given the challenges of working in agile, with distributed design and development teams: a) what methodologies (ex. holding a ‘Cheese’ day) or tools (ex. user research software) can you recommend to increase the scale, scope and speed of user research and testing? b) what advice do you have for managing the UX backlog? — Hana Nagel

Q: Does the design team at Nordstrom follow a defined style guide?If yes, how do you ensure the style guide consistency across web, mobile & in-store …esp. …

Case Study

Designing for Chipotle is every bit as fun as you could expect. Working with a company as passionate about fresh food as it is about sustainability made this project a designer’s dream.

Chipotle is a company that’s always raising the bar to make their customers (and environment) happy; it’s no wonder that they’re one of the top ten fastest growing restaurant chains in America. That’s why when something can be done better, Chipotle is the first to make it happen.

My Role

I worked alongside Chipotle’s e-commerce team and the Sequence design team in the role of interaction design intern.

Q&A with Judy Ma, 3M Design

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Top Questions Answered

Q: How do designers start to play a role in strategy if they’re not even invited to these strategy meetings?

Q: How do you make a case for involving UX in strategy that is more compelling than the process they are comfortable with? — Tony

Q: How or what questions do you ask to learn the concerns of the bosses/founders/etc. you’re trying to communicate with? What do you try to learn in order to learn how to get them to hear you or listen to design? — dan turner

Q: When there is no strategic guidance otherwise, how could a…

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