Dog’s OK, and other stuff

Poor pup. The tendon in her right foot was severed and the cut down to the bone. I went to pick her up around 1AM today and got home about an hour after that. Stayed up with her until around 5AM… she was whimpering so much… Thankfully I was able to take a half day at work, and I’m so grateful my coworkers are pet people. So much love from work really helps.

So I can’t figure out for the life of me how she sliced her foot. What happened?! I walked my yard, found nothing. So what in the heck was it? I’m just worried how to prevent this from happening again, or what if our daughter happens upon the same sharp thing?

In any event… seems all I can do is done. Time to just take care of her now, and make sure she doesn’t hurt herself or do too much until her leg is healed. At least she’s in good spirits. More or less herself, but for an obvious annoyance at the cone, and her splint. Less the splint than the cone. She hates that thing.

So other stuff is good. I spoke with a couple people today at length about why I mentor. It’s always rewarding for me to talk about that topic. Doubly so with my upcoming talk at Chicago Code Camp. I really ought to prepare some slides for that soon. I think it’ll be a pretty natural talk though; I care a great deal about the topic. I’m really impassioned by it, because it has so thoroughly changed my life for the better. I cannot wait to chat with more devs about it as well.

I also should probably start to prepare my next meetup talk. Next month at the meetup I help organize, Rockford Web Devs, I’m going to be speaking about Git. Specifically, I’d like to talk about some of the more difficult topics that people seem to always take issue with. Rebasing can be infuriating but it can also be a delight. Branches seem superfluous when working solo, but are essential for a team workflow. Cherry picking is weird and so are squash commits; how do they work? I’m really looking forward to diving deep. :)

Time to go play with the dog. Have a great night, y’all. ❤

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