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A selection of Snapchats from Electric Zoo 2014.

Direct-To-Fan Marketing 2.0

I spent my Labor Day Weekend running around Electric Zoo Festival on Randall’s Island armed with an iPhone and an enormous USB battery pack all in the name of proving that there’s a better way to capture an event in real time. While a dedicated team team of three amazing account managers from Fame House manned Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and — for the first time — Reddit, I was tasked with capturing the New York electronic music festival in a different way: on Snapchat.

We used Snapchat both before and during the festival, and it quickly became a meaningful way for us to communicate with our most loyal fans. While the following was smaller than on Facebook or Twitter, our 75%+ open rates consistently blew other networks out of the water. Once the festival began and Our Electric Zoo Story (in partnership with Snapchat) began, things got even more impressive. Fortuitous timing of the launch of Snapchat’s new ‘Live’ section meant that Our Electric Zoo Story was pushed to millions of users automatically, and brand awareness spiked all across the board. …

2014 has begun the ‘unbundling’ of mobile apps by the web’s largest players. By breaking out core functionality from flagship offerings, companies aim to provide more optimized user experiences while simultaneously claiming more of the valuable real estate on our attention-absorbing homescreens. …

I wasn’t at EDC Las Vegas, but thanks to Snapchat it felt like I was. I didn’t watch a minute of the ‘EDC Curated’ YouTube stream, but I couldn’t stop watching the never-ending updates from festivalgoers that made the cut into the official ‘EDClive’ Snapchat story.

The key to that previous sentence is “made the cut.” Snapchat expertly curated the stream for maximum engagement. (Lord help whoever actually sat there sifting through the raw stream of submissions. It was likely a monumental effort to weed out all the topless women and token drug-related snaps, but it’s yet another example of the virtues of human curation.) …


Jacob Schulman

Product Marketing at Spotify. Media, entertainment, & technology enthusiast.

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