As part of my PhD design research, exploring social engagement for older people towards healthy ageing in aged communities, I want to discuss some emerging themes and the implications for designer and research practitioners.

Contemporary research and efforts exploring ageing towards health and wellbeing cannot explore this space without identifying, discussing, or highlighting the current or impending impact of emerging technologies on the experience of later life. However, in doing so, many either place too much belief on its capacity to change the lives of older people, or heavily discount the benefits or adoption-ability of technology by this cohort.


It’s been a while since I've posted here, so I thought i’d discuss an discipline I've begun to align with: Interaction Design Research. This is a part of a few pieces which elaborate on my PhD design research and directions, taking on experimental practice in design for healthy ageing in aged communities

As an introductory note, i’m going to refer to being practice-based, to ‘situated’ in fields and the developing of my own design research practice. Why these notions? My design studies are being undertaken as practice research, my University's long-standing program of research into what designers actually do when…

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This year i’m beginning a new chapter of my design journey within the academic realm, commencing a PhD, in order to collaborate with the healthcare industry to provide digital designs for wellbeing. This project was born from the ideas, efforts and practice-based experiences of my honour’s project last year.

Increasingly, facilities and health professionals are wanting and recognising not only the need for patient-centred experiences and value based care, but also the potential engagements which immersive technologies can support. …

Jacob Sheahan

PhD Candidate & Research Assistant @RMIT Design |

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